Guide To Hess

So you're looking to come to Hess Village but you're not sure where to start? Maybe you've been before but you're looking for some place new? This guide will take you through the basics of Hess and hopefully ease some of the worry and uncertainty.

Choosing a Bar

You know you want to go to Hess but maybe you're a little overwhelmed with the number of choices. Each bar in Hess offers a unique experience, so here's some tips to help you choose the bars that you'll enjoy the most. Each night bars may change, so if you're looking for something specific it's often best to call ahead. Remember that one of the great things about Hess Village is that there are so many bars all beside each other, so you don't have to choose only one for the night!

Dancing and DJs: If you're looking to dance the night away, consider:

Live Music: If you like it live, check out:

Deals - Cheap Drinks or No Cover:

Age Restrictions and Dress Codes

Some bars have age restrictions and dress codes on different nights. Koi/Sizzle and Volume in particular tend to have these restrictions. It's usually best to call ahead and ask for their policies on that night.

Public Transit and Parking

The Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) runs several routes along King, Queen and Main Streets throughout most hours of the day and night.

Taxis are also regularly stationed all around Hess Village or can be procured by calling 905-777-7777 or 905-525-BLUE(2583).

If you do have a designated driver, there are several parking lots available. There are two municipal lots - a small one at Hess and King Street and a larger lot on Caroline between Main and King. Not all meters accept credit cards so having change with you is most convenient. There is also street parking available in the surrounding area, but be advised that parking on through streets is prohibitied between 2am and 7am. This is regularly enforced in the area. For more information on parking bi-laws, visit The City of Hamilton's Parking FAQ

There are regularly police and RIDE programs in the area. Remember: IF YOU DRINK, DON'T DRIVE

Eating In Hess Village: Afternoons and Dinners

Most bars are only open in the evenings but there are several who also serve food and are open during the day. All have patios which makes any spot a great choice for a relaxing lunch or dinner, especially in the warmer months. These include: Ceilidh House, Che Burrito and Lounge, The Gown And Gavel, The Lazy Flamingo, Sizzle/Koi, and Viso.

Fast Food

There's a few places around you can get a quick bite on your way in or out of Hess Village. Smokes Poutinery is on George Street right in the Village. "The Shwarma District" as it is jokingly referred to is on King Street between Hess and Caroline. There are several different restaurants featuring wraps and more. There is also a Tim Horton's coffee shop on that block as well.

Staying Overnight

Thinking of staying overnight in Hess Village? Check out our accommodations page here for more information.

Weddings in Hess Village

Want to get married in Hess Village? Many people have wedding parties as well as photos in the village. Talk to your wedding planner about setting up an event!

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions, please send us a message on our contact page.